Meet the Family

Meet the family. This photo was taken a few years ago - it looks likeabout 1968. That's me at the top left. My sister Helen is beside me, then myfather, then Marg and Hans. My mother is standing in front of me. Next to herare Helen's three kids: Kerwin, Kevin and Karen. Kate and Nancy are in the front row. Ben (the Brewmaster) wasn't born yet - he came along shortly after this photo.

The family is a little different now. Nothing like 40 years to changethings a bit. Helen, Marg and I are all retired. Little Nancy has two kids of her own now. And, I havemany more wrinkles, and much less hair - mainly grey.

I try to visit some of the family, friends, and relatives every year. But, I amnot good at calling people, and I do not drive any more. I will not have as much time to visit in Toronto since my condo is rented out.More people will have to visit me in Singapore and Bangkok instead.


Last Modified: 2008 December 3