Courses Taught      John C. McCallum 

National University of Singapore, Computer Science Department

CS101	Introduction to Computer Science (81/82)
IC1103	Digital Logic Design (F98 tutorials)
CS201	Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming (81/82)
CS204	Introduction to Microcomputers (half 84)
CS303	Microprocessors and Microcomputers (82/83, 83/84, half 84/85)
CS310	Interactive Computer Graphics for CAD (half F85, F88, F89, F90)
IS306	Office Automation (S86, S87, S88, S89, S90, parts S91&S92, S93, F94, F95, S96)
CS3220	Computer Architecture (F99, F00, most F01)
IC368	System Programming (S97)
IC3268	System Programming (S98, F98)
IT407	VLSI Design and Applications (S87, F87)
CS507	Software Engineering (half 83)
IT519	CASE Tool Design and Implementation (F92, S94, S95, S96)
IC5A5	CASE Tool Design and Implementation (F96, F97)
IC52A5	CASE Tool Design and Implementation (S98)
CS5202	Foundation Module II (half F00)
CS5211	Software Tool Design and Implementation (S99, S00, S01)
  -	Teachers Diploma Course CS201 equivalent (F82)
  -	Ministry of Defense Course CS303 equivalent (F83)

York University, Computer Science Department

CS101.6	Introduction to Computer Science (77/78)
CS203.6	Data Processing (79/80, 80/81)
CS301.6	Programming Languages (77/78)
CS308.6	Operating Systems (78/79)
CS351.3	Information and the Individual (F79, F80)
CS403.6	Computer Design (78/79)
CS410.3B Mini and Micro Computers (S79, S80)
CS410.3H Robotics (F80)
CS411.3/4 Microcomputer Systems (S81)

Human Computing Resources, Inc., Toronto (Educational Division)

2 day	Introduction to Microprocessors (June79, Nov79, March80)

University of Petroleum and Minerals, Systems Engineering Department

SE101	Introductory Computer Programming (F74*4, S75, F75*2, S76, F76*2, S77*3)
SE201	Advanced Computer Programming (S75, S76, F76)
SE401	Numerical Linear Algebra (F75)
SE431	Digital Logic Design (F76)
SE433	Computer Architecture (S75)

University of Western Ontario, Computer Science Department

CS20	Introduction to Computer Science (Sum73)
CS21	Introduction to the Field of Computer Science (S73)
 - 	Orientation course in Boolean Algebra for new graduate students (F73)